About Scope

Our family has been working within the healthcare sector in Ireland & UK for over 80 years.

It all started with Jack Freyne, a Pharmacist and owner of Freynes Pharmacy in Clondalkin, Dublin. He established a number of companies in the healthcare industry, most notably Pharma Global Ltd. His vision was to supply healthcare professionals and patients with high quality, effective and innovative products. This ethos remains today as the cornerstone of Scope Group.

Today, Scope is managed by the next generation of Freynes. Tom Freyne continues to grow and develop the company by bringing some of the most innovative products to the Irish and UK market in both Ophthalmology and Healthcare, in keeping with their family tradition.

Scope offers innovative management products for Ocular Surface Disease and Age-Related Macular Degeneration, as well as a well-established food supplement range.

Scope operates in the UK, Ireland, and the USA with a product offering with a track record of successfully helping patients worldwide.

We have a reputation for:

  • Providing premium & innovative products to enhance their patients’ lives
  • Strong customer service to both customers and patients
  • Maintaining and building long term relationships with all Health Care Professionals that are key to our success
  • Providing a full-scale service to an ethical and high professional standard

We make it our priority to understand customer’s needs.

For more information, visit our Scope Corporate website.