What is Vivioptal Junior?

Vivioptal® Junior has been specifically developed for active children of all ages from aged 1+ years, to provide a carefully balanced, comprehensive range of 12 essential vitamins and 7 trace minerals with a delicious orange taste your little one will love.  The formulation includes the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E, and the water-soluble vitamins B1,2,3,5,6,7,12, C and Folic Acid  

Vivioptal® Junior provides an ideal nutritional safeguard during a time when children have a high nutrient requirement in relation to body size, to support their rapid physical growth and development of bones, muscles, blood volume and the brain.

Key nutrients 

Vitamin A                                                

Maintains our “physical barriers” such as skin and mucous membrane to help prevent infection. Involved in red blood cell formation and part of the visual pigment in the retina.
 Vitamin B6
Helps production of certain white blood cells and other components of our immune system. Involved in the metabolism of of lipids, glycogen and amino acids
 Vitamin C
Powerful antioxidant that protects cells against damage from free radicals. Promotes iron absorption
 Vitamin B12
Linked to folate metabolism, It is involved in nerve myelination and fatty acid metabolism
 Vitamin D 
Regulates Calcium absorption and excretion, and bone mineralisation. Calcium/Phosphate homeostasis Present in immune cells
 Vitamin E

Helps enhance the two arms (cellular and humoral) of our immune system. Powerful anti-oxidant
Involved in immune system via the development of T-lymphocytes, and in the metabolism of macronutrients

Deficiency is associated with reduced ability to kill pathogens 

Most prevalent mineral found in bone. Calcium also involved in nerve and muscle function as well as blood clotting. Calcium absorption is influenced by a number of factors. Needs are increased in adolescent