Lepicol Serving Suggestions

The best way to take Lepicol is to mix it with water or fruit juice and follow this up with the extra liquid that is required (250ml for every 5g/heaped teaspoon of psyllium powder). However, it is accepted that not everyone will find Lepicol easy to take. The following suggestions may help in providing some suitable alternatives. Psyllium powder will add bulk to foods and increases the fibre content.

Fruit smoothie / Milk Shake / Meal Replacement

The Lepicol powder could be mixed into a shake quite easily.  However as the psyllium powder in Lepicol is not soluble but water retentive, absorbing about 20 times its weight in water, it does not actually dissolve when mixed with liquid but slowly creates a 'gel' like substance. This soft gel helps ease the stool along the lower digestive tract and encourages natural peristalsis (contraction of the smooth muscles to propel contents through the digestive tract).  With this in mind Lepicol will make a thicker shake than normal so some experimentation will be required regarding the levels of Lepicol and liquid included. It may be preferable to try with smaller amounts of Lepicol initially to try and find a level that is suitable.

Breakfast Cereals

The Lepicol powder could be mixed with the liquid in cereals quite easily. Due to the absorptive nature of the psyllium husk it may be necessary to use more milk/water than usual. It is particularly important that the Lepicol powder is mixed into the cereal and liquid well if it is to be served to children. Porridge is a good option, simply add Lepicol to the porridge after it has been cooked and removed from the hob (the live bacteria could be damaged at high temperatures).

Yoghurt & Fruit

The Lepicol psyllium powder could also be mixed well with yoghurt and fruit. Due to the absorptive nature of the psyllium husk fibre you may need to add some extra milk to the yoghurt to prevent the consistency becoming too thick.

Please ensure that the required levels of liquid are met (200-250ml for every 5g/heaped teaspoon of psyllium powder) either by inclding more liquid than normal, or by drinking more water before or after consumption.

We recommend you consume the above suggestions within 10 minutes of preparation.