About Scope Healthcare

Scope Group

Scope has a strong Irish heritage, as the family name Freyne has been working within the healthcare sector here in Ireland for over 80 years and crossing three generations.

Jack Freyne, a pharmacist (Freynes pharmacy, Clondalkin) established a number of companies most notably Pharma Global Ltd. His vision was to supply healthcare professionals and patients with high quality, effective and innovative products. This ethos remains today as the cornerstone of the Scope Group.

When Jack died in 1979 his legacy was continued by his son Garrett who successfully expanded the business into areas such as ophthalmology all the while maintaining the ethos set by his father.

Today, Scope is managed by the next generation as Garrett's sons John & Tom continue to grow and develop the company by bringing some of the most innovative products to the Irish market in both ophthalmology and healthcare in keeping with their family tradition.

Remembering our past we look forward to the future with great excitement & enthusiasm by exploring and building new opportunities while keeping our goals and our ethos unchanged.